Chloe Mae Austin

To me, engineering has always seemed a dirty job, a man’s job, a boys club, which was only reinforced by being told throughout my education that STEM subjects were for boys.

It has only been since taking a risk & applying for an apprenticeship, & thus deciding not to let the societal “norms” dictate my career, that I have learnt that there are so many different types of engineering. This has led to me feeling passionately that young girls should never be discouraged away from pursuing their passions, & that the engineering industry (& in fact, all of STEM) needs more women. As one of only 3 women in my intake year, I have decided that it is my goal is to encourage more girls to apply. To that end, this year I have created a presentation on women in engineering to give to schools as part of the recruitment drive, as well as participated in several zoom Q&A panels as both a panellist & a facilitator, one of which was for International Women in Engineering Day, and another for United Nations World Youth Skills Day. Seeing all of the inspirational women in the industry has filled me with confidence for my future career, and only enforced my dream to inspire young girls from across the country to pursue what they are passionate about.