Chloe Russell-Sharp

I studied BSc Psychology at King’s College London, specialising in neuroscience and genetics in my final year.

Following my degree, I joined Brandwatch as a Graduate Data Science and have progressed through to a Junior role, then to a fully fledged Data Scientist which feels great! Brandwatch is a SaaS business in the Digital Consumer Intelligence space, providing a suite of products that facilitate querying, exploring and augmenting online conversation. I am passionate about building web app dashboards that allow us to communicate our work outside of Data Science; facilitating transparency and accessibility of our projects.

In terms of my technical background, I was very briefly introduced to programming throughout my degree, however learned Python from scratch whilst being at Brandwatch. I made use of online courses, free resources and have had some amazing mentors along the way!

I am also a keen advocate for gender diversity in tech. I have hosted workshops, spoken at several events/panels and mentored women in the field 🙂