4 years ago, I felt like I had no options.

I was in a job that didn’t interest or challenge me, but I felt like my background in humanities and customer service had closed off more exciting opportunities. I didn’t know what kind of roles existed in tech. Even if I had, I didn’t think I was good enough to achieve them.

Today I’m a busy Product Owner at Techmodal, where I work on the VERITAS software development project. VERITAS is a complex application, intelligently combining over 130 data feeds to support the British Army with critical processes. I’ve led the delivery of numerous pieces of work in the last few years across releases, working closely with our customers and our in-house developers and testers to deliver software that helps the Army operate more effectively. A particular highlight for me was implementing a suite of functionality where users can visualise the components that sit on a given Army vehicle and directly compare inventory forecasts to identify and therefore mitigate upcoming supply issues.

More recently I’ve taken on a leadership role on the VERITAS project. I look after a team of around 12 consultants, developers, and testers, making sure they have everything they need to deliver exactly what our customer wants within each release.

As I’ve progressed at Techmodal, my confidence has grown enormously. I used to doubt every instinct I had, wondering why my perspective differed so frequently from those around me. Over time I came to appreciate that my background and experience set me apart. My customer-focused approach and sharp communication skills (honed through a languages degree) made me the perfect go-between for our customers and our development team.

For this reason, I’m a keen advocate of diversity in tech. I’ve founded a Women in Tech community at Techmodal and I’m using this as a platform for setting up outreach in our local area. I’ve previously organised and led several outreach events, including a hands-on session in a local school for year 9 girls and participation in a careers fair at RMA Sandhurst attracting over 2000 young people. In my spare time, I’ve worked as a Girl Guide leader and I’ve recently signed up as a STEM Ambassador.