Christina Connelly

When I was younger I was always drawing things, especially the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and as I grew up, doodling just became my thing.

In High School I knew I wanted to do something related to drawing, tech at this time hadn’t really crossed my mind, nor was it a big deal back then really. It wasn’t until I was in my last year of high school and they introduced computers. I taught myself Photoshop 6 (remember PS 6?!?) It was the clunkiest thing ever, but thats when I fell in love with Graphic Design and applied to college. I graduated in 2007 with a Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design and it took off from there.

I was a Graphic Designer for M&DS Theme Park in Scotland which began designing mostly print related stuff, and then the more digital stuff kicked in and I fell in love with Tech all over again. Learning about social media, responsive design and digital campaigns. I moved onto Hilton Worldwide where I became a Digital Designer. I was responsible for designing all the Hilton Hotels websites around the globe.

Then in 2012 I moved onto the BBC as a UX Designer. I began in BBC Education working on some amazing brands such as Bitesize. A few years later I was promoted to a Senior UX Designer and moved into CBBC and CBeebies, designing apps and games for kids all over the UK – We even have a few BAFTA wins and nominations – It was a dream. This was also when I started teaching at Universities, mentoring and managing and my thirst for mentoring grew I decided it was time to move on and here I am now, the Head of UX and Design at DigitalBridge, building my own department within the company with an amazing team behind me.