Christina Griffin

I left School at around age 16, I worked in restaurants and on shop floors for a minimum wage until age 19.

At 19 I discovered an interest in IT and decided that I wanted to enrol in further education. During the early months of my studying, I also applied for various apprentice jobs within IT. I was offered an opportunity to work at an Energy trading company. Within their IT department, I would manage a few daily reconciliations using macro tools and it was here that I was taught SQL which fuelled my interest in IT even further. I made a decision to focus on full time work experience in the field rather than continue with the degree, a controversial decision for some!

My second role in IT was with a Market data company where I used UNIX and created pricing pages for Reuters. I’ve been very lucky in having supportive colleagues who helped me to learn on the job. This also encouraged me to appreciate the opportunities I had and work hard.

Later on a couple of years, I reconnected with my colleagues from my original IT role and moved back onto the world of Commodities IT at a UK investment bank.

In 2007, I joined Credit Suisse Prime Services, within their Client service IT team. An extremely busy team consisting of around 10-12 individuals globally. We held the responsibility of managing Prime clients on-boarding and general IT experiences with CS Prime. I discovered that I could work very well under pressure; I thoroughly enjoy the Client focus side of the role and the interactions that this entailed. I was later given an opportunity to become the team lead in the UK, this further expanded to also managing a new team in Dublin, Ireland. I then became the EMEA team lead. Today I manage the Global team, consisting of around 20 individuals in the US, UK, Ireland, India and Singapore.

My team and I have grown together and we have a mutual respect, I take pride in making decisions with my team and we all work towards the same goals with an appreciation of every individual’s perspective, experience and opinion.