Christina King

An award-winning graduate in Mechanical Engineering I developed change management skills in the defence manufacturing sector and then went on to build and test Challenger 2 main battle tanks.

Selling my sports car to pay for a full-time Masters in Business Administration (MBA), I developed my career into an international management and ventures consultancy. Innovation Lincolnshire was a £2.3m programme to stimulate the development and growth of businesses. I directly delivered innovation support by enabling significant improvements in product, processes, technology and business practices. I also delivered projects for the Carbon Trust Incubator to help early-stage businesses develop or exploit low-carbon technology. As a direct result, Scotrenewables raised £6.2 million in private equity funding.

I developed my career further into a business development role and an exciting opportunity came up through my network in the sport research centres (engineering, health, exercise and science) at Sheffield Hallam University in the run-up to the Olympics. It was a risky move as it was a 1-year contract, in a sector I had limited knowledge about. The work paid off and I secured a full-time contract at the end of the year as well as some substantial projects for the research centres (including a £1.2m public health programme and £14m Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre). My work at SHU was highly varied with a submitted patent application, an international conference presenter with a published paper on the Olympic Legacy and being part of the team on the Channel 4 TV programme ‘Speed with Guy Martin’ breaking a world speed record!

I joined Tribosonics in May 2019 as Head of Strategic Partnerships to support the business scale-up by developing significant and value-creating commercial partnerships through transformative innovation. Tribosonics is an innovation-led scale-up with a strong challenger mindset, driving transformation by using its unique sensing technologies to address challenges in tribological contacts (wear, friction and lubrication) in rotating equipment. Located and forged in Sheffield, it serves global markets in Transport, Power Generation and Manufacturing. Since joining I have built up relationships with a number of global industrials and have converted many of the targeted customers into commercial relationships on a recurring, strategic level.

I start each working day with a 5km run and look forward to getting time on my motorbike in the summer. I have taught myself to play the piano during the lockdown and with two children, I am always kept on my toes!