Christina Maddy

I joined Nomura on the Graduate scheme in 2014 as a Business Analyst and Scrum Master, after graduating from Loughborough University with a 2.1 in Information Technology Management for Business. Soon after joining, I was leading the delivery of a key, regulatory system to control and report on access to production systems. This role gave me exposure to internal and external auditors, as I had to present and meet with them regularly, and also all areas of technology.

I have since led the delivery of other projects such as a tool to consolidate all of your outstanding tasks (from timesheets to access approvals) into a single pane of glass view, and most recently Symphony, a cloud based communication and content sharing platform.

I have championed and applied Agile processes across all of the platforms and systems mentioned, either by acting as the BA/Scrum Master myself or by training and mentoring other members of the organisation to fulfil these roles, and I am now managing a small team of business analysts within my division, which is a new and exciting challenge, and together we are working to implement agile processes and a continuous delivery strategy against other teams in our division, to ensure we, as an organisation, are working as efficiently as possible.