Christina is Anna Valley’s director of virtual production & client relations, and a millennial maestro – whose substantial experience over the last decade has played a key role in the industry and the communities within it. From working on set with crew to marketing and business development, Nowak has a wealth of understanding from her time at cutting-edge film & TV technology companies.

Her recent roles include Head of Marketing at Ncam, business development at RED Digital Cinema and, prior to joining Anna Valley, director of film and TV for creative technology company, 80six. In addition to being a board member for SMPTE UK, a Friend of the ACO, Patron of the BSC & GBCT, Nowak is also extensively involved in Women in Film and TV (WFTV UK), Rise WIB, Cinegirl and other groups aimed at improving gender diversity and representation through media & entertainment.

As of July 2023 Christina was welcomed into SMPTE’s Women’s Leadership Forum Advisory Group with the likes of Senior Management from Amazon Studios, Technicolor, Universal Pictures, Google etc, She also offers support and guidance when she can to the creative screen industries, including… Advisory board for Mallorca Film Festival, advising/consulting with the likes of screen skills, Story Futures, and filmmakers to start their own production businesses as well as creative Rizwan Wadan’s Futures in Film program, DP scouting & VP for Manaki Film Festival, awarded as a Judge in 2022 for the London SCI FI Film Festival and provided input to special guests for Malta Film Commission’s Mediterrane Film Festival 2023. Christina also likes to mentor, specifically Westminster film students and scholars of The Royal Television Society from Autumn 2023.

She has a gift for combining a technical mindset with creative applications and a talent for supporting production, their crew, finding opportunities by cultivating meaningful relationships. She has conversed between corporate and site direction, amongst production, VFX, Postproduction and Virtual Production and is responsible in Leadership for overseeing a new business unit within an established Audio-Visual company. Day to day Christina’s work spans across multiple functions such as operations, delivering content, managing pitches, finances, and P&L.

Christina is also the Owner of New Chapter Production, a consultancy business founded upon her accomplishments and experience across creative and disruptive technology brands within the Media & Entertainment industry, specifically Film, TV & Broadcast. Not just about the top line, Christina’s work is also built upon storytelling, collaboration, and insight to deliver innovative and impactful experiences that resonate with and inspire people both professionally and personally. Her passion and belief for filmmakers and the production process instinctively enables Christina to nurture key industry relationships that advocate storytelling, create exposure and support mutual interests.

With that last sentiment in mind, Christina proudly dedicates the same practice with the filmmakers and productions she represents and endorses. She is inspired by the moving image and invested within its community, which is why Christina is a known advocate and trusted guardian for collaborative storytelling on a niche or mass scale, where the content creator and their narrative are elemental.