I am the Founder of a data protection and cyber security consultancy – combined with being a Tech Career Coach, Mentor and STEM advocate offering employment and apprenticeship opportunities, connections, and valuable support to support diverse tech talent.

I’m also the Founder of the first-ever, UK Black Privacy Professionals network – designed to transform the UK privacy profession and amplify our Values, our Vision, and our Voice to accelerate our professional development and our career growth.

As a consultant, I encourage small or medium-sized enterprises (SME businesses) to use data protection and cyber security compliance to showcase trust and transparency.

I’m obsessed with using my passion for ethical organisational development to help SMEs start small but achieve big results and quick wins with data protection compliance.

My data management and data protection career started more than 10 years ago – starting in data analytics, moving into data protection and organisational development and now consultancy and coaching.

Women in Tech need advocacy, support and much more visibility.

So, I love having conversations about the need to develop more initiatives to encourage women to enter and STAY within the tech space.  We need more organisations to listen to the lived experience of women in tech to tackle the issues of burnout, the pay gap, the quiet quitters, and the glass ceiling, for example.  And we need LOTS more platforms and opportunities to celebrate our success and achievements too.

We need more programmes that actively and proactively encourage retention and development while nudging organisations and leaders to develop a more inclusive approach that facilitates retention and career growth as ambitious women pursue their careers in tech.

So, my mission is simple:

To support and collaborate with allies and other diverse tech talent, while supporting small business owners with data protection compliance, AI Governance, supplier diversity and developing diverse tech talent.

I’m hugely passionate about female tech leadership and I’m always open to supporting women who want to enter the tech space, women who want to progress their tech careers and female tech entrepreneurs too.