Christine Telyan

My name is Christine Telyan and I’m the CEO and co-founder of London-based tech company UENI, which builds over 3000 business websites per day.

The company has raised over $30m in angel investment so far and is active in the UK, Spain, France, India, Mexico, Canada and the United States. Later this summer we are launching Brazil.

Prior to founding UENI, I worked as an oil trader. Much of what I loved about that business was the sheer scale of it and the creativity I got to use in my everyday work. I was very used to attempting things that many people said could not be done. As an entrepreneur, this is life. About 5 years ago, my cofounder, Anh, and I came to a realization about how underserved small businesses really are. The scale of the problem and the social mission behind it propels us every day to tackle this challenge. Our mission is to get all small businesses online and provide them with the tools they need to compete, online and offline. Our vision is not just to provide a website and online visibility, but rather, to be the place that small and micro businesses go to for all of the products and services that will help their businesses succeed. Small business owners are busy people, and they need guidance that they can trust. We work hard to earn that trust and to curate our offering to meet their needs, whether that is online marketing, selling their products online, choosing a business bank account or leasing a point of sale terminal. Our ambition is to be the one stop shop for small business needs, delivering easy to access, transparent, relevant solutions for our customers.

I’m from New York originally but have lived in London for many years – so this is now very much home. Anh and I recently had a daughter, Harper Madision Pham, who was born in March of this year, so we juggle parenthood alongside running a rapidly growing global tech company. I look forward to telling her all about our journey with UENI and I hope that ultimately she will be proud of what her parents are doing for small businesses and communities around the world.