By Alex Ritchie, CEO of GlobalGiving UK

From the lingering impacts of the pandemic to escalating climate and humanitarian crises, it feels as though the need for philanthropy has never been greater. Overcoming these complex hurdles requires collaborative approaches that tap into the collective power of individuals united by a common cause.

At GlobalGiving UK, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the UK’s first Women in Tech Giving Circle, an initiative that will harness the generosity and influence of women leaders in technology to drive positive change worldwide. This giving circle embodies a bold new vision for democratising philanthropy.

Philanthropy, much like the tech industry itself, has historically been dominated by men. By establishing a giving circle specifically for women in tech, we’re dismantling barriers and creating an inclusive space where passion, intellect, and a spirit of generosity can converge.

Giving circles are on the rise, and have been called the fastest-growing form of philanthropy right now with over 4,000 active circles globally and approximately 500 in the UK and Ireland alone. There’s a reason for this growth—giving circles provide an accessible entry point into philanthropy, connecting like-minded individuals and enabling collective impact.

Women have long contributed their time and talents to their communities, and this rise in the number of giving circles globally illustrates this trend.

For too long, the philanthropic landscape has been perceived as exclusive, shrouded in complexity. Giving circles upend this notion, inviting donors of all backgrounds and means to pool their resources and amplify their impact. By democratising the process, giving circles opens doors for a new generation of philanthropists to shape a better world.

The Women in Tech Giving Circle represents a unique opportunity for women in the tech sector or tech-related roles to leverage their collective power and resources in service of causes they care deeply about. Together, founding members will define the circle’s mission, identify focus areas, and ultimately decide where their contributions can create the most meaningful change.

GlobalGiving will host the giving circle and manage the pooled contributions through a managed fund or a grantmaking fund on behalf of the giving circle, identifying vetted non-profit partner organisations that are a good fit as potential recipients and ensuring they meet the highest standards of UK and international grantmaking guidelines.

When women come together with a shared vision of generosity, compassion, and power, the ripple effect is profound. It resonates far beyond the confines of the circle, inspiring others to embrace the transformative potential of collective giving.

To the women in tech who are passionate about creating positive change, we invite you to join us. Together with the other members, you will set the circle’s mission and goals and identify the thematic areas and territories where your collective contributions can have the greatest impact.

The world’s challenges demand bold action. Let’s embrace this opportunity to redefine philanthropy, one circle at a time.

Photo credit Donna Ford