Claire graduated from Oxford in 2020 with a Masters in Engineering, where she studied a mix of environmental, Biomedical, Chemical and Biochemical engineering. During her time at university, Claire was awarded a Diamond Jubilee scholarship from the Institute of Engineering and Technology(IET).

After university, Claire joined BT on the Research and Innovation Graduate Scheme in their 5G Networks team. As part of the 2 year scheme, Claire worked on variety of projects focusing both on the network, with projects on private networks, quantum computing and edge, and on network use cases such as those linked to Robotics.

As part of her role, Claire has filed several patents, relating to Networks and Quantum computing.

Following her Graduate Scheme, Claire is now a Showcase, Downstreaming Research and Innovation Manager at BT. This role includes demonstrating to customers the art of the possible with future technology, as well as helping to downstream existing research projects.

Alongside her role, Claire is particularly passionate about Diversity & Inclusion. Having run Engineering groups for Girls at School and University, Claire continued this passion into her role at BT by helping to launch a Diversity and Inclusion group for new joiners at BT. This group aims to allow new joiners to suggest changes and schemes to improve the work environment at BT by providing their view from outside of the business.