Claire Venners

So it may sound strange, but I decided at a very young age that I wanted to be something called an ‘Engineer’, inspired by two important role models in my life, my Dad and Granddad.

My first step into a career within technology was when I secured a much sought after apprenticeship at Fujitsu Microelectronics specialising in Electrical Engineering. Due to consistent high performance I secured a University sponsorship resulting in a BEng (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and eventually achieving a career ambition of becoming a Chartered Engineer.

I have worked in a number of industries but found my true passion in the challenging and ever-changing world of Telecommunications. Excelling in the technical Network area within Telefonica, where I have progressed from being a hands on designer to playing a pivotal role delivering cutting edge solutions to enable key business goals; including network sharing, and the 2012 Olympics with ownership of multi million pound budgets.

I have led a large technical team charged with improving customer experience across the UK’s most challenging cityscape for mobile communications. Delivering an ecosystem of capability, by realising the opportunities using complex mobile and Wi-Fi solutions securing external recognition of achieving key customer performance metrics.

In 2018 I challenged myself, accepting a leadership role to steer the future strategy and capability of O2’s Service Management department and I am currently leading on two key transformation programmes.

From the age of 16 my career, has until the last two years, been in a male dominated environment, although I have never felt that this has held me back in anyway, there have been challenges that I have had to overcome. This has made me the strong woman I am today and made me even more driven and passionate about advocating a career in technology for women.