Clare Cooke

My passion for supporting our NHS and improving the lives of patients started when I joined NHS Digital in 2004, in 17 years I’ve never found anything more I wanted to work on.

My enthusiasm for technology goes way back. I credit that to my father who bought me an Astro Wars electronic table top game at the age of 7. He bought it for me, not my brother, for me. In 1981, when gender stereotypes were the norm, that was a big deal.

Clare Cooke is the Lead Product Owner for the NHS National Spine. The NHS National Spine is a set of complex business critical systems serving the NHS and wider. She spends much of her day talking to people about the ‘things’ they want the team to build, she also spends a lot of her time talking to the team about how they can make the ‘things’ happen. These are important ‘things’. They are things that keep children safer, they are things that improve the efficiency of NHS workers so they can care for more people quicker, they are things that make patients safer. What time is left is spent fuelling another passion, which is supporting staff in achieving their full potential and career aspirations and also reflecting on how lucky she is to have such a talented team supporting her in realising the ’things’.