Clare Cornforth

I went to a traditional all girls school where the extent of education in technology was using MS Word and Excel.

I was absolutely fascinated with our first home computer and watched in awe as my uncle fixed it using the DOS command line. I chose a degree in Computer Science based on this fascination, and found myself in essentially an all male environment!

I spent a long time as Java Developer in a variety of domains, from investment banking to national security. I evolved into test and dev lead roles before being mentored into software architecture. Just before I went on maternity leave, I became the lead application architect for a team designing a new major critical national platform. When I returned, I became the Engineering lead for an entire account within BAE Applied Intelligence. The opposite of easing back into work after a year away!

It is in this role that I realise how my varied history in different domains and projects has given me a strong foundation in a wide range of technologies, and I enjoy passing this knowledge on to others.