Clare Quigley

Clare Quigley is a transformation leader in the Technology division at Morgan Stanley. Her focus areas have been in the Agile and, DevOps spaces, and most recently in the Sensitive Data programme.

Clare studied History & Politics at University of Glasgow followed by a Post-grad in IT with Information Systems Provision at University of Paisley. She then worked as a Project Manager in a variety of industries including Life Finance, Utilities and Aviation before deciding on Technology.

Claire joined Morgan Stanley as the Portfolio Lead for Application Infrastructure responsible for the financial management, including resource management and benefit tracking, in the IT infrastructure environment. Most recently Clare has been driving agile adoption in her super department, establishing fleets and working with the Developer Experience Platform group. Clare was instrumental in introducing Kanban to her department and through monthly Kanban Knowledge Shares helped other teams globally with their Kanban adoption. In 2019, Clare authored the Kanban implementation playbook and helped to devise the online training ‘Kanban Bootcamp’ as part of the Agile Transformation Program. Clare has also worked as an Agile Coach, helping teams successfully adopt agile practices. In 2020, she became the Fleet Enablement Lead for DevOps, working alongside the Global Head of DevOps to deliver maximum productivity with minimum waste to the development and operations communities in Technology (~20,000 technologists). In this role, she supported the program in delivering key DevOps objectives including automation in our Software Delivery Life Cycle, shift left principles, implementing CI/CD and establishing a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) function.

Clare has recently joined the Firmwide Sensitive Data & Security PMO team, ensuring that sensitive data is protected from loss across all pathways, including cyber, third party, insider and technology.