Code First Girls Code Fest 2020

Code First Girls has announced the launch of their new digital skills and talent event, Code Fest 2020.

Taking place during the month of September, Code Fest 2020 is launching in time for freshers weeks and the graduate hiring season with an array of events, panels, skill sessions and keynote speeches covering topics from diversity and inclusion, to the future of technology.

With over 17,000 community coding members and 58 nationalities represented, companies will have the opportunity to showcase their commitment to diversity and inclusion by building direct relationships with potential future employees and providing a digital learning and skills experience to attract tech talent.

On the flip side, the diverse group of talented women will be able to connect and network with 50+ speakers and businesses in the tech space, from high-growth startups to enterprise-level companies. With 48 per cent of Code First Girls’ community citing “job uncertainty” as being their biggest fear for their career in our recent survey, they have included a week dedicated to coaching groups of high-potential women (who have completed a Code First Girls course) to build their skills across job searching, applying, and interviewing, linking them directly to hiring businesses.

Speaking about the event, Anna Brailsford, CEO of Code First Girls said, “It is a critical time for companies to deliver on their promises of diversity and inclusion, and Code Fest 2020 allows businesses of all sizes to get involved and connect with a diverse group of talented women and build the momentum with their hiring pipelines or company initiatives.”

“Equally, our community is constantly telling us that they want to be involved with companies who are committed to improving diversity and having a positive social impact”.

Code Fest Girls 2020 will run from 1st September until 24th September. There are a limited number of slots available for companies who are interested in participating, and registration for attendees will open in August.

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