This week, Computer Weekly released this year’s list of the top 50 Most Influential Women in UK Technology for 2022, including this year’s winner, Flavilla Fongang, founder of 3 Colours Rule and the Global Tech Advocates Black Women in Tech group.

Since it’s inception in 2012, the list has grown from featuring 25 women to now showcasing 50 of the most incredible females in the industry. After the success of this accolade, Computer Weekly have gone on to launch an annual list of Rising Stars, to ensure as many women in the sector as possible are recognised for their work.

Flavilla Fongang featuredThis year’s winner, Flavilla Fongang, who is also the recipient of the 2022 TechWomen100 Editor’s Choice Award, was inspired to make  the move into the technology sector from the fashion industry after seeing the potential to work with disruptors and game changers in the sector.

Fongang made it her mission to make more role models in the industry visible, leading her to set up the GTA Black Women in Tech group. The not-for-profit organisation aims to inspire, support and connect the tech sphere to allow more Black women to excel and tech companies to perform better through diversity & inclusion.

She also published a book, Voices in the Shadow, showcasing the journeys of 51 Black women in the UK technology field. After the success of Volume 1, they have announced Voices in the Shadow Volume 2, sharing the stories of a further 51 Black women who have positively impacted the tech industry.

Others among the list include Charlene Hunter, CEO and founder, Coding Black Females, founded to help black female software developers meet each other and network; Sheridan Ash, co-CEO and founder, Tech She Can, an award-winning charity with over 240 member organisations, which together work with industry, government and schools to improve the ratio of women in technology roles; Anna Brailsford, CEO, Code First Girls, an entrepreneur who works to encourage more women into the tech sector by providing software development skills and education and Kike Oniwinde Agoro, founder, BYP Network, founded in 2016 to help black professionals network and have easier access to jobs.

You can view the full list here.