I began my career in IT just over five years ago. Being made redundant in the city made me take a career break at 28 and decide to go to university. It was a huge decision as I was a single mother with three children at the time. It was hard work and financially difficult but the best decision I made.

I won many national competitions at University through my degree which gave me a great accelerator into many IT companies such as PWC, IBM, HP and Capgemini. I won an IBM competition which meant I could work with them over the summer between my 2nd and 3rd year. This gave me real life experience of projects and the IT world.

After University, I joined Capgemini. Originally, I applied for a Graduate role but due to my previous work experience I came in as experienced hire. I’ve been at Capgemini for over 5 years now and changed roles a few times. The last three years I have been part of the Salesforce Business Unit. I knew nothing about Salesforce but soon found out they had a marketing platform I could learn. I wanted to know everything I could and decided this would be my career. I traveled around Europe helping other teams on projects to gain experience and started to network within the Salesforce Eco System.

Since returning from Maternity leave in February, I have begun to build my own Marketing Cloud practice within the UK. Working across many projects and managing a team of which half are graduates or apprentices. Training them and monitoring them along the way.

Working full time with five children is challenging but shows my children that you can do anything you want to do. I left school at 16 and now look at me.