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Article by Yasmin Peiris, Director Customer Success, Mapp Digital

Careers in MarTech are perfect for people who enjoy both the creativity of marketing and the technical demands of IT.

I should know; I’ve been working in MarTech for over a decade and there are few things I would change about my career path or my current job – only that I would love to see more women working alongside me.

Nobody disputes that there are too few women working in MarTech right now, particularly in senior roles. How we put that right is, however, a more contentious issue. Many of the arguments I hear centre on experts talking about the need to get more girls studying STEM subjects to create a future pipeline of women working in technology. This is a sensible approach and one I would heartily endorse. As technology advances and MarTech stacks get bigger, technology skills are in high demand, which presents amazing opportunities to those qualified to seize them.

I do worry, however, that we run the risk of putting women off working in a field like MarTech if they have not previously studied a STEM subject. The truth is that it is perfectly possible for women to forge successful and satisfying careers in MarTech, even if they don’t have a background in science and technology. In my years working in the field, I have worked with great technologists who had degrees in English Literature and humanities subjects (and people with no degrees at all!) and I’ve been part of teams that have included designers, illustrators and artists, all of whom have had a vital role to play in creating brilliant, transformative products.

Some of my colleagues without STEM qualifications have been keen gamers, others learned programming languages in their spare time. They were all interested in technology because of what it was able to achieve rather than for its own sake and that meant they were well placed to add value to MarTech teams.

We recently hosted and sponsored an event which showcased NFT artworks. This was an evening event hosted and curated for women in tech and their allies by the brilliant London Women Leading Web 3. The focus of the event was on the art, the creativity, the networking, the allyship, the community and (to a lesser extent) the technology. It was fun and inclusive and underlined the appeal of the diverse careers in MarTech for women who may have thought they wouldn’t have what it takes to work in this field.

It may sound counterintuitive, but sometimes the best way to encourage participation is less about trying to educate people about the work we do and more about being open to opportunities to engage which are already out there.

Yasmin PeirisAbout the author

Yasmin has 15 years of experience in marketing, and over 12 years in the Martech industry. After roles in performance marketing, she worked with the campaign management team at Mapp to help big B2C brands deliver omni channel experiences. In her current role, Yasmin oversees the CSMs team and deploys both strategic marketing and technology skills.