Paper Airplanes Women in Tech Programme

Paper Airplanes’ are looking for instructors and mentors for their Women in Tech Programme.

Paper Airplanes is a non-profit organisation that provides free, one-on-one language and skills learning for individuals whose lives and education have been interrupted due to conflict. They provide alternative pathways for our students to pursue their education by connecting them with personal tutors for 12 week sessions conducted through Skype. As of now, Paper Airplanes are running programs that teach English, coding to women, and Turkish to primarily Syrian refugees and Gazans. In the five years since their inception, they have served approximately 1,300 students with 90 per centof students reporting significant improvement within a semester.

Paper Airplanes’ Women in Tech program works with conflict-affected women and non-binary people aged 18 – 35 who speak advanced English, have little to no coding experience, but are interested in learning coding. The program seeks to equip women and non-binary people with basic skills in coding languages such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Each student is matched with an instructor, who dedicates four to six hours of their week to preparing and presenting the course content, and a personal mentor, who meets with them once a week to help with assignments and answer questions! At the end of the course, each student has three weeks to create their own small project to showcase their learning to potential employers. Paper Airplanes’ focus on working with marginalised women and non-binary people to empower them and give them access to jobs in the programmer market, including the ability to work remotely.

Become a Women in Tech instructor:

As a Women in Tech instructor, you would be responsible for teaching the Women in Tech program alongside the other instructors and the Women in Tech Program Manager. This is a volunteer position, with an expected time commitment of four-six hours per week (typically up to two hours of planning and up to two hours of instructing).

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Become a Women in Tech mentor:

As a Women in Tech mentor, you would be responsible for meeting with your mentee(s) on a weekly basis over a channel like Skype, helping them complete homework assignments and their final project. This is a volunteer position, with an expected time commitment of two hours per week.

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