My career in Tech started almost 10 years ago over a cup of coffee and a book on SQL. I loved working with data and wanted to move into a more technical career, so I invited the Head of Knowledge Management for a coffee and convinced them to give me an opportunity as a Business Intelligence Analyst. He gave me a book on SQL with an invitation to come back in 2 weeks for an interview. Needless to say I got a job and my career has grown from there.

Initially focusing on data visualisation and dashboard creation, I then moved into more senior technical roles and started to focus more on Data Engineering with a heavy lean towards the Microsoft Technology stack. I have always worked in Financial Services, specialising in Life, Pensions and Investments for the last 7 years. I would say my career has grown over my willingness to learn and take accountability, but almost as importantly because I have learned to advocate for myself and at times fight for fair treatment.

I got my first Data Manager role in 2019 and it confirmed my passion was in leadership. I spent a few years in this role and then took 14 months off on maternity leave to have my little boy. I returned to work a year ago and yet still feel like I am trying to figure how to fit work and being a mum in to a 7 day week, it’s hard work!

Most recently I have taken over as the Head of Data and am thoroughly enjoying a shift into a more strategic mindset (although still getting used to spending my days in PowerPoint rather than coding). Having the power to actually change things for the better is awesome and it’s really exciting being able to plan for the future instead of just delivering in the now.