Cristina Pascalau

I grew up in Romania and moved to the UK after completing school. I attended the University of York where I obtained a MEng in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence.

My passion for technology and mathematics was not love at first sight: growing up I often felt that I did not fit in, or that it wasn’t for me. I was lucky to have my parents’ support who did not let me give up. I found that the harder I worked the easier it became, and as I got more comfortable my enthusiasm and appreciation grew.

My third year at University was a placement year at a technology company named Amadeus, which provides technology solutions for the airline & travel industry. At the end of the placement, I delivered a prototype project that would allow you to check in at the airport using the American Sign Language Alphabet.

Following that, I secured two internships at Bank of America over the last two summers of my degree. The first one was a combination of Business Objects and Transaction Reporting within the Commodities space, and the second one was with the Front Office Global Commodities Index Products Team.

After graduation in 2015, I started as part of the Graduate Programme at Bank of America,and since then I’ve been involved in a couple of key global technology initiatives that have shaped the way the Middle and Front Office handles, visualises and reports their risk.