Dawn joined PwC in 2019 after completing a masters degree in mathematics at the University of Warwick.

She has been interested in logical problem solving from a young age, always drifting towards STEM subjects. During school, Dawn was heavily involved in her school’s team for the Greenpower Education Trust – a charity that inspires young people around the world to excel in STEM through a hands-on engineering program. Whilst completing her degree she was accepted onto the PwC technology internship programme. The logical tasks, variety of work and constant learning on her internship solidified her passion for technology, and ultimately led to her returning to PwC after completing her degree.

In the past few years at PwC, Dawn has been involved in a vast breadth of projects. This includes data engineering, data analytics, web development and cloud infrastructure. She has enjoyed the variety given throughout these projects and has embraced the opportunity for learning and developing her technical and leadership skills.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Dawn became involved in a large insurance data platform project – supporting the government’s Covid-19 recovery scheme. This introduced Dawn to the world of data engineering, something that she is now highly passionate about and actively pursuing for her career. She is now the lead developer on multiple data engineering projects, tasked with designing and building large data platforms for both external clients and internal projects. She uses her problem solving skills to design technology-first solutions for complex business requirements, producing high quality, automated solutions to aid the ingestion, testing and transformation of data.