DevelopHer are a non-profit community dedicated to bringing women together to drive opportunities, developer confidence and create a network of support through events, networking and learning. DevelopHer’s aim is to developher careers, develop confidence and develop change for women in tech.

We aim to develop careers by supporting those aiming to build and progress their careers in technology, digital and entrepreneurship. We also aim to develop confidence in women, where we strive to proactively develop the skills, self-belief and discovery of learning in our community via monthly events, annual mentoring programmes, regular workshops and inspirational advice. Finally we aim to develop change – we want to create an open and friendly community regardless of gender; to bring together and grow the common goal of diversity and female communities across countries and disciplines; putting into practice how we can help and influence each other.

As part of our commitment, we aim to work with other diversity and tech groups with similar values. As we continue to work with Geek Girl Meetup, Blooming Founders, Women Who Code, SyncDevelopHER, WOWtalks, Unbound and StartHer – our journey begins with collaboration being at the heart of what we do, in order to provide you the opportunities our community needs. We truly believe that together we are better.

The community has both a signifcant reach online and a high level of engagement from our community. The community grew organically over a long period of time, with it being a self selecting community focused around London, women and interest in technology. In total we see roughly +4,000 newsletter community members, +12,000 twitter followers, +1,400 Facebook group members, +500 Facebook page likes and +500 Instagram followers. As a network, we continuously get feedback that a community we proivde a real, authentic and supportive environment that is encouraging success in others, where women feel they can open up to each other.

The network is run entirely by a team of volunteers who are passionate about diversity and making a difference. In total, the DevelopHer board team consists of 12 members, who work relentlessly in their spare time to provide opportunities for their community. As a result, this is a challenge especially with the strong growth in the network and the small resources of dedicated members who work on the network outside of their full time careers. As a result, this has led the DevelopHer team to focus only on events that enable their community to walk away with a learning. Whether this be a piece of advice or an action, DevelopHer tailors their events to focus on learning based opportunities.

A highlight of successful events ran by DevelopHer include inviting a hundred members of their community to 10 Downing street for a speed mentoring and networking event in both 2015 and 2016. This provided our community not only an opportunity to attend an empowering event, but to make real connections with mentors that will provide personal advice that mentees could put into context. These large scale mentoring events, utilized the efforts and good will of our dedicated mentors to help those looking to seek advice on their career, business or personal skills.

The DevelopHer team also launched a flagship 6 month mentoring programme for 15 selected mentees, to endeavor a journey so they can develop themselves and progress their careers. Over the course of the programme, 60% of the mentees saw a great improvement in their negotiation skills which led half of them achieving a promotion and half of the others starting their own business. 91% of the mentees reported their presentation skills had greatly improved and 70% of the mentees are now totally at ease with networking.

The DevelopHer community also provides a strong online community, for those who are unable to attend the event to also gain online inspiration and advice. DevelopHer works on monthly blogposts on advice from their ambassadors and mentors on key challenging topics our community face such as negotiation or changing careers. This is also leveraged through our social handles, and sharing short snippets of advice and information where we can, to provide our community the learning opportunities they need to develop themselves.

Through the passion of the DevelopHer team but also the commitment of our community, the network always see strong attendance of events and engagement online – that helps provide opportunities and advancements to our members.