Katharina Kröger, Marketing Manager at SEH Technology

woman coding on laptop, Code First GirlsTechnology is such a huge part of our world now, and many companies are becoming increasingly centred around it.

As a result, there are huge opportunities to join the thriving sector and become a part of the talent underpinning the rapid digital growth. Breaking into the tech industry is always possible if you have a strong drive and understanding towards the importance of technology in this day and age. There are a huge number of apprenticeships available with technology businesses of all sizes, that will provide you with transferable skills that can be used in the tech industry, and other business sectors.

Developing in-demand skills

The variety of skills and abilities that you can develop in the tech industry are much vaster than most of us would initially believe. It can provide an interface for agriculture, manufacturing, food, and also public services, whilst presenting you with an incredible sense of creation and growth. The technology industry is all about innovation and staying on top of trends; it’s not only about having ideas, but making them work as well. It is a fast moving field with incredible potential, which can be indicated by the exponential growth of technology as a whole over the last century. There are always new challenges to meet, and great strength in understanding how to adapt to existing knowledge and build on what is known to create “bigger and greater” projects.

Working in a marketing department for a technology company, such as SEH Technology, allows you to work both productively and creatively, applying technological knowledge alongside marketing skills. As technology professionals, we are embedded into a culture of movement, and have to understand that no one day is the same, due to how fast technology can change. Being flexible and obtaining a quick understanding of various complex issues is vital for success in the tech industry, backed up by the ability to communicate those issues as if they are second nature. A job in the tech field allows you to have an impact and leave a mark on the way people go about their daily lives, which is the best thing about it.

Women in Tech

Throughout history, a woman working in the technology industry was relatively unheard of, particularly for hands on, practical tech positions. The slight prejudice towards women in the workplace can be backdated to the 1970s, when companies realised the valuation of computing and chose to phase women out of the industry, believing that they weren’t capable of developing their skills at the rate that the computing industry was taking off. If women had continued to be a major force in computing, the way the tech industry looks today would be very different. Still, it’s safe to say that although there are still some levels of inequality in this area, it has become far more normalised to see a woman working with technology, and even in high graded positions.

Over the last decade, it has been fantastic to see women take centre stage in technology success, across both large corporations and femtech startups. These role models carve the way and show future generations that it’s possible to be ambitious in the technology space. Looking ahead, it would be great to see these gender stereotypes overturned within businesses and the industry as a whole. Not only will this improve experiences for future women in the tech sector, but it also encourages others to consider a STEM role and fill the demand for talent.

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