I came to the world of technology almost by accident, by way of hearing about a little known (back then) networking technology called MPLS. This piqued a quick and steady interest which in turn led to my changing career paths early into my first graduate role post University.

From that initial change from mathematical modelling to network design, my career in tech has been an amazing whirlwind of experiences and achievements. Over the last two decades, I have worked as a solution designer, business analyst, process designer, delivery manager, network tester, documentation manager and my current role leading an agile squad of business procedure writers. I have always felt empowered to lead and manage my career and steer this is the direction of my choice. Across all of my roles, I have been introduced to various new concepts and software/systems, which I thoroughly enjoy – even more so when I am able to share this learning with others. From network traffic generators to coding network routers and many more. I have seem my career evolve from working in a waterfall project environment to embracing the dynamics of agile methodologies.

I have worked primarily in telecoms and have been fortunate enough to enjoy and participate in some amazing experiences in my career to date. From delivering security compliance workshops in Shenzhen (China) to co-authoring published technical papers on emerging technology ideas, presenting technical talks and knowledge shares to my peers on topics as diverse as routing techniques, conflict resolution between customer and supplier, demonstrating the difference between a procedure and a work instruction, contributing to and owning network designs, ‘breaking’ (in a good way!) innovative and new technical kit and many more. I cant wait to see what other amazing opportunities lie ahead of me!

My educational background is in mathematics and statistics and whilst I have not pursued a career purely focused on these subjects, I feel that an appreciation and interest in data has ensured that my mind has remained highly analytical and willing to challenge and push boundaries. I thrive on embracing opportunities as they come to me and am not adverse to stepping out of my comfort zone to create opportunities as well, especially where they can also benefit others.