Dhanisha Juleemun

Born and bred in Mauritius, my passion for chemistry led me to pursue my tertiary education in the UK.

One of my key requirements was to complete a degree with a year in Industry so that I can learn how chemistry is applied in the real world, to better inform my career path and make a difference in the world.

In my third year of my MChem degree at University of Surrey, I managed to secure my industry year at bp as a placement student in the Lubricant Technology business. This was an eye-opening experience for me when I realised the extensive Research & Development process in engine oils for different applications (having never been exposed to this industry in my homeland!). I learned about a wide range of analytical testing carried out on engine oils, novel components used in the formulation of lubricants and led a key project to differentiate more distinctly the characteristics of base oils, to further inform formulators on their understanding of base oils. This fuelled my hunger for more knowledge in this technology.

In 2012, I joined bp as a permanent employee and worked in the Analytical laboratory as a chemist, in Marine oil product development and in Fuel product development leading new product development projects by working with external companies to gain understanding of new detergents and designing appropriate engine and vehicle testing to deliver bp’s fuel products and claims in the global market.
Having identified my passion for technology, I have been successful in progressing my career to a much broader role this year, which involves creating insights by assessing new emerging technologies and their potential impact on bp. This work is intended to highlight key strategic technology opportunities for the growth of the company, whilst achieving net-zero aims