With a degree in B.Tech Information Technology (4 year course) from College of Engineering, Guindy, (Anna University), I worked in Oracle, Bengaluru, India for 3 years immediately out of college as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

At this point I was asked to step down from my working role in order to return home(Chennai) and get married. (P.S: I do not blame my parents for this. I am sure they did what they thought was best at the time.) Full-time IT desk jobs in my community were not supported/appreciated. A girl is seen as being too head-strong/ demanding/ not homely if she wishes to work all her life.

Still thirsty for knowledge, self-improvement and progress, I decided to pursue a Masters in Jain Philosophy at Madras University, Chennai during that break. (P.S: I had to drop out of my Master’s program after first semester due to the timing of my wedding and having to move countries.)

All this amounted to my 2-year career break.

I moved to London 2 years ago. Persistent to switch streams from testing to development, I got my offer at S&P Global. Its been 2 years working as a Software Engineer (Dev) now.

I am also the Director of an organic career consultancy startup, P R Consultancy founded in 2022. I am responsible for spear-heading the technical implementation of the Student Management System which includes counselling, applications & immigration, & college feedback database. This is a work in progress.