Dipika Sawhney

I have been ‘entrepreneurial’ all my life-using tech to power businesses.

I have started my career by using my tech/software engineering and marketing skills to build two successful, London based, tech start-ups. I followed this with MBA from Cambridge University, where I won the ‘Best and Brightest MBA Award’ for my commitment to diversity and volunteering-all whilst raising two young daughters. I followed this by joining Amazon to build and create a new line of retail business-by identifying what customers are looking for at Amazon and then sourcing and offering them these exact products-thereby creating Amazon’s fastest growing category.

Following this, I built and led an European team in advertising services-to serve new and upcoming advertisers from our retail business-In essence, helping new and growing start-ups within Amazon I also champions diversity in my wok and is focused on recruiting and retaining more women into senior and tech roles. In addition, I also act as a mentor for emerging business leaders on how to be successful in the tech sector. I have been recognized amongst the top 5 tech female superstars at Amazon last year. My focus for 2020-2021 is to also build a new tech offering at Amazon which will offer free educational resources (books, games, apps, webinars and Alexa skills) for learners.