As co-founder and MD of Braidr, Dora leads a future-focused data technology company that is global, distributed, hyper-focused and extra-smart.

A tech and data expert, Dora’s singular goal is to help brands put insight behind every marketing decision. Put simply, she helps to put the ‘T’ into CMO; helping CMOs to create elevated brand experiences by bridging the gap between business and marketing with the help of technology.
A smart team of data scientists, analysts and engineers, Dora is proud to be leading a group of people who put excellence, curiosity, innovation, and passion for all things data at the core of everything they do.

With degree in computer engineering, majoring in AI, Dora spent the first years of her career navigating the world of data/engineering and software architecture buy building software, BI systems and reporting suites. Later, she discovers a passion for stitching information in the marketing world while part of the Found agency and a new ambition was born: making Found one of the few truly data-driven organisations in the world. After building an award-winning data team, the next natural step was to create a stand-alone data business to help clients navigate the upcoming seismic change: the cookieless future.

Braidr encompasses her ambition to bring together an extraordinary team of passionate individuals – globally – that will act as the bridge between business- driven marketing departments and technology-driven IT departments. From its infancy – Braidr has lived up to its expectations, already being recognised as leaders in application of data through research at the UK Digital Growth Awards.