Dr. Pushpinder Kaur Chouhan, a senior research scientist at BT, brings over 15 years of experience in research and development across diverse fields, including distributed high-performance computing, data science, and cybersecurity.

Dr. Chouhan obtained a PhD in Computer Science from ENS-Lyon, France in 2006. After completing her doctoral studies, Dr. Chouhan delved into research and development, dedicating her expertise to solving complex security challenges.

In the realm of cybersecurity, Dr. Chouhan has focused on network malware detection within IoT and virtualized environments. She has conducted extensive research to identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats in these domains, addressing the unique challenges posed by interconnected devices and virtualized infrastructure. Her work includes developing innovative detection mechanisms, analysing malware behaviours, and designing security architectures to safeguard environments.

Additionally, Dr. Chouhan has a wealth of experience in distributed high-performance computing, covering various paradigms such as cloud computing, grid computing, distributed computing, and cluster computing. She possesses expertise in deploying and managing computing resources in IoT and virtualized environments, emphasizing load balancing, deployment strategies, mapping, and steady-state scheduling.

Throughout her career, Dr. Chouhan has been involved in various research projects focusing on diverse aspects of cybersecurity. To accomplish her projects goals, she has utilized the benefit of numerous techniques such as pattern recognition, prediction, machine/deep learning to name a few.

Dr. Chouhan’s expertise and thought leadership have been recognized by her peers, resulting in numerous publications in international journals and conferences. She presented her research findings at international conferences, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and fostering collaboration within the community. Her work has not only contributed to academic literature but has also influenced industry practices and led to practical implementations of her research findings as startups.

In addition to research and development, Dr. Chouhan has demonstrated a passion for mentoring and knowledge dissemination. She has supervised and mentored several PhD and master’s students, guiding them in their research projects, fostering the next generation of researchers in distributed computing, data science, and cybersecurity.

Her contributions to the field extend beyond academia, as Dr. Chouhan has actively collaborated with industry partners and cybersecurity organizations from EU, South Korea and USA. This collaboration has facilitated the practical application of her research findings, leading to the development of effective cybersecurity solutions and frameworks.

In addition to her research and mentoring roles, Dr. Chouhan has actively engaged in professional organizations and committees related to cybersecurity. She has served as a technical reviewer for esteemed journals, conference committees, and industry publications, playing a pivotal role in maintaining the quality and integrity of cybersecurity research.

Throughout her career, Dr. Chouhan has remained at the forefront of cybersecurity, adapting her expertise to address emerging threats and technological advancements. Her commitment to staying up-to-date with the evolving landscape of cybersecurity has ensured her continued relevance and impact in the field.

Overall, Dr. Chouhan stands as a respected and accomplished senior research scientist, whose 15 years of experience in cybersecurity have contributed significantly to advancing the field’s knowledge, practices, and defences against cyber threats.