Ebony Smallman

My interest in technology started when I was studying at Stanford university and tried a Computer Science class in my senior year.

Having focussed my studies on International Relations and Mandarin previously, the Computer Science classes took me out of my comfort zone but I quickly realised how valuable they were in terms of teaching me how to think through challenges logically and how to think innovatively about solving problems.

When it came to applying to jobs, I wanted to pair my interest in the varied nature of consulting with a tangible skill set which is where I found my home in technology consulting. I started my career at KMPG, working in the technology strategy arena and moving to EY has helped me to hone my interests around digital strategy, agile delivery and next-generation digital banking platforms. I enjoy exploring how technology can be leveraged to solve or improve business issues and have found the most impactful projects are when business, technology and a customer-centric lenses are brought together to deliver change.

Alongside client delivery, I have recently been involved in launching a new learning pathway focussed on Cloud and Agile with an objective of ensuring all technology colleagues are equipped with the latest training in these two key areas. I enjoy supporting junior talent and have a focus on mentoring females both inside EY and outside of the firm. I am also involved with graduate recruitment and take part in the EY Foundation Smart Futures programme which provides internships and mentoring opportunities to school students.