Ekaterini Tasiopoulou

Katerina was born in Greece and is a graduate of Computer Science from Royal Holloway University of London.

Katerina Tasiopoulou currently works in European Business Development, X-Force IRIS (Incident Response and Intelligence Services).

Kat started her career as a a penetration tester and SOC Analyst, where she helped build a new SIEM for the company using the ELK Stack. She has worked on mitigating attack vectors on new wireless airplane components, using advanced cryptographic techniques.

At IBM, Katerina was initially an Incident Response Engineer for IBM Resilient. Katerina worked as an incident response consultant in X-Force IRIS, primarily focusing on proactive services. As part of this team, IRIS responds to security incidents globally and helps organisations contain and recover from cyber attacks. She has now moved to business development in Europe and is currently undergoing a Leadership MBA.

Kat is an IBM Recognised Public Speaker and has won the BCS Young IT Professional of the Year Award 2018. She is a very qualified programmer in a variety of languages, having developed games, websites, apps and robots.

You can listen to her podcast here: https://securityintelligence.com/media/xforce-iris-kat-tasiopoulou-envisions-the-future-of-incident-response/