Eleanor Davill

I started my career as a Business Analyst (BA) at a medical software development company, working both nationally and internationally, and in 2017 I joined BJSS, the UK’s leading privately-owned IT and business consultancy.

I also have responsibilities as a line manager and Squad Lead.

As a BA I translate and quantify the needs of the end user into requirements that can be produced by developers/testers. I support the actual delivery of project, resolving blockers as and when they arise. When at my best I anticipate, and prevent them before they occur. The things I enjoy most about being a BA are getting to work as part of a team, and see an idea that was once just an idea in my head get turned into working technology. It is incredibly rewarding working with people to understand the opportunity they have/problem they are facing and then getting to see them use and benefit from what we have introduced.

The things I excel at are working with people, understanding what drives them, how they like to work, and how to get the best out of the team I am in. I’m known for my enthusiasm, and sometimes irritating habit of talking quicker the more excited I am about a project. Feedback from my peers suggests that I have succeeded in my attempts to replicate a swan like persona, seeming pragmatic and unflappable, whilst madly paddling underneath. I pride myself on being approachable, and if I don’t know the answer, I usually know the right person to speak to.

I am passionate about getting more people involved in the tech industry, which nicely aligns with BJSS’ CSR initiative to remove barriers to entry into the tech industry. I have shaped how our Leeds office supports this, working with two amazing initiatives;

  • Tech Up (https://techupwomen.org/) – an Institute of Coding funded programme that takes 100 women from the Midlands and North of England and retrains them into technology careers.
  • Leeds Libraries (https://www.bjss.com/csr2019/) – BJSS have partnered with Leeds Libraries to host a number of events throughout the year focusing on encouraging children into tech. Our recent Eco Family Hack was a great success!