After completing an integrated Master’s degree in Mathematics, I decided to take the logical reasoning and computer science skills I’d learned into a consulting role. I joined Deloitte Digital in 2015 as a graduate, and quickly found my feet in the Salesforce team, getting trained and certified and working in a variety of technical and functional roles. Over the past 3 years I’ve attained 12 certifications in Salesforce, Sprinklr, Solution Development and Business Analysis, which contributed to my early promotion to Senior Consultant this year.

I work on intensive and complex projects, often involving global clients moving from traditional channels of customer engagement and CRM to automated, dynamic conversation through social media and email.  My preferred role involves designing and implementing the technical solutions to business problems, leading teams of developers. I’ve been lucky enough to work with really diverse teams, with great role models in management. Some of my projects have been gloriously atypical, with female technical consultants and a male change management team.

 Aside from client work, I’ve also been selected to speak as a Social Media subject matter expert at conventions and workshops.  I also deliver technical training to colleagues and clients, and have supported others to become certified through our internal communities.  I manage Deloitte Digital’s Social Media Management sandbox, where I’m able to support projects, bids, and training, alongside a team of technical consultants.