When I joined PwC as a Consultant on the graduate scheme in 2015, I wasn’t considering a career in technology.

At university I’d been fascinated by subjects that looked to understand user behaviours and how interactions with business could be more meaningful or provide a richer experience. Before I started to work on large scale technology transformation projects like I do now, I simply wasn’t aware of the impact that technology, and particularly how technology is designed, could have on user experience and behaviour.

In my role as a Customer-Led-Transformation consultant, I work with clients to better understand their customers and then to deliver solutions that provide a better, richer experience to these customers. Throughout my career, I have developed my skills as a User Experience designer and spend my days at work designing solutions that are better for users and bringing these to life through technology. I quickly realised that my passion for designing cohesive positive experiences with technology related back to my childhood love for video games and how the rich design methodology behind these games could have application in the way we all use technology.

Working within User Experience, I have a breadth of skills that support me to understand a client’s customers and then to design and build solutions that meet their needs. I use Design Thinking to empathise with the needs of users and their pain points to create design concepts that can be tested and refined with users ultimately creating future state user journeys that will inform a technical build. As the technology solution is formed, I support the refinement of the solution from UI wireframes, prototypes, information architecture and user testing of the solution. I’m particularly passionate about designing solutions that work for all users and endeavour to design for digital accessibility by default in the technology designs that I develop.