Genuine support for women extends beyond International Women’s Day. ELEGOO, a trailblazer in the 3D printing industry, has initiated a project dedicated to inspiring and empowering women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Committed to amplifying the voices of these exceptional women and encouraging fellow women to make positive changes in the world through their pivotal role in STEM, ELEGOO’s project celebrates the achievements, obstacles overcome, and contributions of women in STEM and 3D printing. It provides insights into their inspiring stories and the significant impact they have made with unparalleled innovation and resilience.

Innovation Flourishes in Nexus of Gender Equality and Diversity

As one of the women featured in the project, Annika Mordelt, a Ph.D. researcher specialising in neuroscience and immunology with a focus on stem cell disease modelling, has found 3D printing technology invaluable in her research.

“It’s not just about 2D representations on a screen; it’s about seeing them come to life in their full 3D splendour, thanks to 3D printers,”

Annika explained.

Annika believes women don’t need to sacrifice femininity to excel as scientists:

“You don’t have to be less girly to become a scientist.”

Inspired by Annika’s story of embracing her femininity and scientific prowess, ELEGOO strongly believes in equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of gender, and that everyone should be recognised for their contributions to advancing technology. Its support towards diverse perspectives to foster innovation and drive the STEM industry forward. ELEGOO has been growing its female representation in the R&D team by providing equal employment opportunities and pushing gender-equal wellbeing policies for its employees. ELEGOO believes an inclusive environment that welcomes all brilliant and creative minds, irrespective of gender, is crucial.

Legacy Ignites Passion in Future Female Innovators

“Don’t let anyone tell you what you can do or what you cannot do,”

Annika said. ELEGOO shares the same message to women in STEM: Be bold and try new things.

It is only through boldness that their brilliance will shine, and their achievements will serve as a guiding light and source of motivation for future generations of female innovators embarking on their own journeys in STEM.

“You can learn and grow into things. Trust yourself more and dive into the things that you always wanted to know more about it,” as Annika urges her fellow to venture out.

Mary Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Katherine Johnson, Tu Youyou—these women are rightly celebrated for their world-changing contributions to STEM. Just as their stories inspired countless others and future scientists, ELEGOO seeks to share more stories of unsung heroines in STEM, igniting a passion for STEM among women and girls everywhere.

ELEGOO Empowers HER Journey

Rebecca Ngau, branding director of ELEGOO, pledges,

“As a leader in 3D printing, our mission is to champion gender equality and diversity, inspiring more women to explore STEM and the dynamic world of 3D printing.”

ELEGOO recognises the importance of female representation in STEM field and remains steadfast in its commitment to cultivating an inclusive and diverse STEM and 3D printing industry. Your support is crucial in turning this vision into reality. Learn more about ELEGOO’s ongoing effort for HER at: