Eleonora Balaoura

My relationship with technology started 10 years ago when I got accepted to the department of Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

This day marked the beginning of my journey in the field of technology which continues until today in one of the largest IT companies globally. Five years later, I graduated at the top 3% of my year with an integrated B.Eng – M.Eng. in Structural Engineering and received a €20,000 scholarship from Karelias Foundation to pursue an M.Phil. in Management at the University of Cambridge. Spending an unforgettable year in Cambridge, I broadened my understanding of Business Strategy, Supply Chain, Finance and Economics and realised that my true passion lies in IT. So, in 2018, I interned at Amazon’s Supply Chain team as a Data Scientist and got hands-on experience for the first time with the tech world. Having no previous coding experience, I learnt how to code in Python and MySQL as well as work with Big Data in a fast-paced environment. My love for technology continued when I joined IBM as a Technology Consultant in the Blockchain team a few months later. Since joining IBM, I have assumed roles from Blockchain Consulting to highly technical roles in complex IT Delivery projects for industrial clients in oil & gas and automotive. The next stop in my technical journey involves becoming hands-on with Cloud and learning all about architecting complex Cloud projects!