Elin Haf Davies
I founded Aparito in 2014 on the back of 21 years’ clinical
(as Senior Clinical Research Nurse and Trial Administrator, Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, London) research (PhD, University College London, UK) and regulatory experience (as Scientific Assessor at both the Medicines Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA) and the European Medicine Agency (EMA)). At the EMA I was part of the core team responsible for implementing the E.U. Paediatric Regulation which came into force in January 2007.I started my career in nursing, wanting to make a difference in the lives and care of sick children. When at Great Ormond Street Hospital I was confronted with a lot of children with rare, and chronic conditions. These children often participated in clinical trials and research, and I was frustrated by the amount that children had to go through in research and clinical trials, and how regularly the trials would come to nothing. I committed myself to improving the way that children were monitored, earning my PhD and implementing the paediatric regulation in the process.I founded Aparito as a technical solution to the problem of unpleasant and unhelpful in-hospital monitoring that I saw in the beginning of my career. Knowing I couldn’t do it alone I recruited a strong technical team to help deliver the solution and we have had a good deal of success so far, but we are aware of the challenges ahead.