Elisabeth joined Amazon Alexa as a Knowledge Engineer after her graduation three years ago, and has since established herself as a key contributor in the team.

After joining, she quickly started making significant contributions and delivering improvements to Alexa for customers; leading to her being promoted after just one year. While still delivering results day-to-day, Elisabeth is now also impacting the long-term strategy of how Alexa understands questions. She shows great ownership and is highly motivated to make improvements and do the right things for customers, and is influencing stakeholders across different teams and functions in order to achieve this. Elisabeth is quick to pick up new skills and does not shy away from responsibilities outside of her core role, doing what needs to be done in order to get the best results. She constantly drives process improvements for her team and organisation and is a champion for operational excellence, holding her team to the highest standards. Elisabeth is committed to sharing her knowledge and training others – she has presented her work at internal conferences multiple times, and has held training sessions for other Knowledge Engineers around the world.

She is also involved in recruiting, and is participating in outreach activities. She particularly focusses on making Tech more approachable, for examples by delivering a talk at her old university to share her career path and encourage students of Linguistics to consider a career in Tech, or an upcoming session at Grace Hopper Celebration 2022 where she will share her path from a Non-Tech background into a Tech career to inspire more women to feel empowered to follow a similar journey. Elisabeth also actively mentors, with a focus on helping other young women at the start of their career navigate the workplace.