Elizabeth Cadger

I am a part-time working mum, with 20 plus years’ experience in software development.

Much of my career has been healthcare related, where I have worked on a range of different projects for NHS Scotland including developing systems for electronic discharge letters, mobile software for Community Nurses, patient information and time recording systems and integration for Health and Social Care systems. Customer satisfaction has always been at the core of everything I deliver and truly believe that without customer buy in you can’t successfully deliver on technology projects.

I’ve had a keen interest in Accessibility for a number of years which came from working closely with the Accessibility team within the Scottish Government on a health and social care project. Taking what I learned here and using WCAG guidelines I have implemented standards and checks into my teams standard working practices, helping us to develop inclusive web applications.

Over the last few years, I have been involved in projects where I could pay back a little. I am buddy for the Atos Return to Work Network, where I have helped support females return to work following Maternity leave and I am a STEM Ambassador which has allowed me to mentor school children throughout the UK, contribute to Maths Week Scotland and get involved in other STEM related activities.