I am honored to have the opportunity to share my career journey and highlight my background in technology. With a passion for innovation and a drive to make a positive impact, I have dedicated my professional life to leveraging my skills and knowledge in the technology industry.

Education has been a crucial foundation for my career, and I have pursued a diverse range of academic qualifications. I work towards MSc in Organizational Psychology from Birkbeck University. Additionally, I obtained an MSc in Psychology from Brunel University, graduating in 2023, and an MSc in Management from Kozminski University. These educational experiences have provided me with a deep understanding of human behavior, organizational dynamics, and the intersection of psychology and technology.

I am currently working at Atos Ltd, a global leader in digital transformation, as an Engagement Lead. In this role, I am responsible for re-launching engagement initiatives within specific areas of the organization, including the Training Academy, Customer & Business Services, and Back Office areas. By focusing on enhancing employee recognition and developing consistent engagement practices, I strive to create a culture where employees feel valued and rewarded for their contributions. Additionally, I am actively involved in celebrating the milestones of our graduate intakes, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment within the organization.

I am passionate about employee well-being and have taken active steps to reduce attrition rates and prevent mental health-related absences within the organization. Through welfare checks, well-being initiatives, and support processes such as therapy sessions and employee support programs, I have worked to create a positive and supportive work environment.

In addition I have been involved in various projects and initiatives aimed at enhancing employee engagement and performance. I have contributed to the development of bereavement training programs, addressing workplace bullying and gaslighting, and delivering conflict management training sessions. I have also provided coaching and support in areas such as assertiveness, communication, and feedback delivery. By designing tailored engagement strategies, delivering resilience training, and promoting open and honest communication, I have consistently strived to foster a culture of collaboration, growth, and well-being within the organization.

My dedication to the technology industry stems from my belief in its potential to shape the future positively. Atos, with its global presence and commitment to digital transformation, aligns perfectly with my aspirations. I am proud to contribute to the development of secure and decarbonized digital solutions, supporting the growth and success of our clients. The purpose-driven approach of Atos resonates with my own values, allowing me to make meaningful contributions in a safe and secure information space.

In conclusion, my career in technology has been marked by a commitment to employee engagement, well-being, and the successful integration of innovative solutions. Through my role at Atos and my involvement in various projects and initiatives, I have leveraged my skills and knowledge to drive positive change within the organization.