In the world of technology, career paths are often imagined as straight lines. However, for many women, the reality is more of a squiggly line.

This isn’t a disadvantage. On the contrary, it often signifies resilience, adaptability and growth.

The squiggly career path

A squiggly career path is non-linear. It includes shifts, pivots and even pauses. It’s about taking opportunities as they come and sometimes, creating your own. This approach is becoming more common and more accepted, especially in the tech industry.

Embracing change

For many women in tech, embracing change is key. Whether it’s moving from one tech role to another or shifting industries entirely, the ability to adapt is crucial. This adaptability often leads to broader skill sets and unique perspectives, which are highly valued in tech.

Learning and growth

A squiggly career allows for continuous learning. Tech is a fast-paced field. New technologies emerge all the time. Women who embrace a squiggly path often find themselves learning new skills and expanding their expertise regularly. This keeps their knowledge fresh and relevant.

The role of mentors

Mentors play a significant role in squiggly careers. They provide guidance, support, and encouragement. For women in tech, having a mentor can make all the difference. Mentors help navigate challenges and identify opportunities that might not be obvious.

Overcoming challenges

Women in tech face unique challenges. Bias and lack of representation are still issues. But a squiggly career path can help mitigate these challenges. By moving through different roles and industries, women can build a robust network and a diverse portfolio of skills. This can open doors that a linear career path might not.

Success stories

There are countless success stories of women in tech with squiggly careers. Women exemplify how non-linear paths can lead to incredible success.

The importance of flexibility

Flexibility is another key benefit of a squiggly career. Many women juggle multiple roles, professional and personal. A squiggly career allows for better balance. It offers the flexibility to take breaks, shift focus or pivot as needed without derailing long-term goals.

Building a support network

Having a support network is crucial. This includes mentors, peers and professional organisations. For women in tech, these networks provide invaluable resources and support. They offer a sense of community and belonging, which can be empowering.

The future of work

The future of work is increasingly leaning towards flexibility and adaptability. As remote work becomes more common, the traditional career ladder becomes less relevant. This shift is making squiggly careers more viable and attractive, especially in tech.


A squiggly career path might seem unconventional, but it’s often the most rewarding. For women in tech, it offers opportunities for growth, learning and success. Embracing the squiggly path means embracing change, adaptability, and resilience. It’s about carving out your own unique journey and defining success on your terms.

In tech, where innovation is key, a squiggly career is not just a possibility, it’s a strength. Women who navigate these paths bring diverse experiences and perspectives that drive the industry forward. So, if your career path looks more like a squiggly line than a straight one, celebrate it. You’re on an exciting and fulfilling journey.

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