Emily Chan

I’ve always been fascinated by technology – I taught myself to code as a child and studied Computing throughout my school years.

I was the kid at school who knew how to fix computers, who could take apart a mobile phone and replace the broken parts, and who to the dismay of other students, wrote a web application to digitalise the entire detention process.

Despite receiving a number of prizes in computing and web development in my early years, I decided to study Management Science, also known as Operational Research at university. My studies focused on applied statistics and data science techniques such as data mining, forecasting, simulation and optimisation, but I also took on additional electives on robotics, and had a term-time internship as a web developer for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

After university, I wanted to gain a comprehensive insight into how businesses worked and took up an offer from PwC to join the Assurance Graduate programme, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 2014.

I used my tech skills to make my job easier whenever I could – from knocking out a few lines of VBA to quickly consolidate vast amounts of information, to using my information systems knowledge to understand how a set of very complex systems link together and come up with the best audit approach. It was also here where I developed my soft skills – learning to work with clients and leading large teams.

When I qualified, I returned to my tech roots, taking up a product role in the pensions technology start-up within PwC. I was thrown into the deep end from day 1 – overseeing the end-to-end product development cycle, creating new commercial models and developing new client propositions. From this, I went on to join PwC’s Technology & Investments team working with the firm’s leadership to develop and execute our technology enabled strategy, and now lead the Product Management capability within PwC’s Innovation team, which serves as both an accelerator and incubator for ideas and opportunities from across the business, and as a shared services hub for innovation and product management capabilities.

I love being at the heart of where cutting edge technology enabled services are being created – and getting to see, hear and experience new products and services from idea generation through to roll-out.