Emily Galway

Emily began her career in IT consultancy with Capgemini in 2018. In four short years she has worked on four successful projects and become an Agile and Scrum subject matter expert. In addition, she has pioneered a mental health initiative and is the first female Adobe AEM expert at Capgemini UK.

After being awarded a distinction for her MSc at Nottingham Trent University, Emily began her career working in marketing. However, in 2018 she decided to change career paths and joined Capgemini as a junior Business Analyst.

After 18 months of honing her Business Analysis skillset, Emily joined Capgemini’s newly established UK Adobe Practice. Beginning with a rudimentary knowledge of Adobe software, Emily underwent training, applied steadfast dedication, and became an Adobe certified AEM expert in just 9 months. She was the first and is currently still the only female AEM expert in the UK Adobe practice. However, she hopes that by highlighting her career path, and providing training and mentorship to more women, this can soon change.

Since joining Capgemini Emily has facilitated the growth of the UK Adobe Practice by developing training pathways for junior talent, framing product offerings, and working with leadership to steer future strategy. Emily is now a Functional Lead on her current project and is actively pursuing further expert certifications with Adobe.

Throughout her time at Capgemini Emily’s passion, delivery knowledge and interpersonal skills have made her a driving force for change when joining projects. Her ability to shape deliveries, design sprint cadences and improve process allows her to achieve positive change for both her team and the client. Emily has become a thought leader and recognised Agile and Scrum subject matter expert who frequently delivers training and project specific coaching outside of her day-to-day project.

Finally, Emily is a mental health advocate and has recently undergone training to become a Mental Health Champion. Most notably, she has established a Mental Health & Wellbeing Initiative for her department of over 300 people with the aim of removing stigma, providing education, and making different avenues for support available. Emily hopes that by creating a continuous and open conversation around mental health she can continue to drive positive change in this space and make Capgemini an even more inclusive and accessible place to work.