I embarked on my career in technology during a placement year as part of my mathematics degree, where I worked as a data analyst at a start-up company. It was during this time that I had the opportunity to collaborate with a data scientist, which sparked my interest in this captivating role and its practical applications in various industries. Inspired by this experience, I decided to pursue a master’s degree with a focus on data science modules to further expand my knowledge in this field.

After completing my studies, I joined Hitachi Vantara (formerly Consulting) and have been an integral part of the team for the past five years. One of the most significant projects I have been involved in is a complex healthcare program for a large NHS hospital. This endeavour aimed to address challenges such as demand and capacity planning, enabling proactive planning and enhancing the overall patient experience. Initially, I provided the team with essential analytics to understand the hospital’s current demand and state. Working alongside experienced colleagues, I also began developing data science models to support the client’s needs.

Over the course of three years, I have sharpened my skills and technical abilities, leading to my recent promotion to the role of lead data scientist within the healthcare program. In this position, I have become the go-to resource for healthcare data science at Hitachi Vantara. It has been incredibly fulfilling to witness the positive impact our models have on patient experience, seeing them being utilised in real-time systems. To further contribute to the field, I had the honour of presenting with a colleague at the Operational Research Society Annual Conference in London, where we highlighted how data science is enhancing patient experience.

In addition to my work, I actively collaborate with the Women in Data Science (WiDS) association. I have had the opportunity to present at several of their Monthly Workshops, and I am eager to continue this engagement in the future. WiDS is a global community that originated at Stanford University, focusing on sharing beginner/intermediate workshops with data scientists worldwide. Being a part of this community allows me to contribute to the growth and development of aspiring data scientists.

In summary, my career journey in technology began with a placement year as a data analyst, which exposed me to the role of a data scientist. Through further studies and hands-on experience, I have grown into a lead data scientist at Hitachi Vantara, specialising in healthcare data science. I am passionate about using my skills to positively impact patient experience and actively participate in knowledge-sharing initiatives like the WiDS association. With each project and collaboration, I am driven by the opportunity to make a difference through data science and contribute to the advancement of the field.