Emily Keith

In my view, technology is the future – as an enabler, and an accelerator – but not everyone sees it this way.

To some, it’s a threat, adds stress and is here to take our jobs! I love working as a Technology Consultant: for me, it’s an opportunity to improve the relationship with technology, both for the individual and the organisation, to reap business benefits and achieve things that are otherwise unimaginable. I’m motivated by working with clients to break down the complexities of technology, simplifying decisions and creating cultures where people are excited by Technology & change. When working on transformation programmes, my focus is always to ensure that stakeholder needs are considered during the design and delivery stages, as this is what sets them up for success.

I encourage positivity in my colleagues as well as my clients – as a Mental Health Champion, I advocate affirmative mental health practices and provide front-line support, so essential during the pandemic. As a member of the Diversity and Inclusion committee, I deliver unconscious bias training and shape recruitment processes to foster a truly inclusive workforce.

I lead charity initiatives ranging from pro bono consulting, helping organisations navigate the pandemic challenges, providing social media training to a charity to increase engagement with their digital channels and talking to students to share what it means to work in the Technology Industry as a Consultant.

Who knows what technology we’ll have in the future, but I will continue to strive to reduce the perceived threat of it, and through my role as Consultant enable people and organisations to embrace the changes that are coming!