At age 11 my family bought our very first computer; we could dial up and surf the internet! This was the year I decided I wanted to be a Web Designer (or Web Master as we called it). At age 12 I enrolled myself into an evening course at a college; Web Design and Authoring; and begun making websites for friend’s bands.

During my 3d year at university I landed my first job in Digital, doing a mix of Front End and Design for the international hotel chain Every Monday to Friday I went to university during the morning and afternoon, then headed to the office for a 5pm – 10pm shift. Although this was tiring, I felt like the luckiest girl.

The years after that saw me working for various digital agencies as a Front End Developer. I loved the fast pace and project variety at agencies but begun to realise how fickle they could be. This led me to an in-house role at the leading energy retailer, ScottishPower. It was here I had my opportunity to steer away from Front End Development and focus purely on UX/UI Design. A decision I did not make lightly, but was ready and excited embrace.

I now work for the global investment bank, Morgan Stanley as a Visual Designer and love every minute. Our team are used as an agency within the company so I have the privilege of experiencing variety in new challenges across the board.