Emma Bruce

I began my career in games in 2010, as a Visual Effects Programmer for a local company specialising in the development of Racing Games.

Having originally joined the company during my placement year, I was given the opportunity to continue in this role while completing my degree at Northumbria University in Computer Games Software Engineering, for which I received a 1st Class BSc Hons. For this, and for my dissertation in Procedural City Generation, I received the Codeworks prize for Outstanding Achievement in Computer Games.

After graduating, I spent a couple of years as a Programmer with CCP Games Newcastle. During a brief segue into Technical Production at CPP Games Shanghai, I found that I really enjoyed facilitating and empowering others. On returning to the UK, I decided to complete a Masters in Game Design at the University of Central Lancashire, while working as a contract Technical Designer at Lionhead Studios. This newly emerging role gave me the opportunity to use the varied set of skills I had developed, to find technical solutions to creative problems and to work with many different people of different disciplines and backgrounds to aid others in the realisation of their creative visions.

I have since had the great fortune to go on to establish and Lead my own teams of Technical Designers at both Deep Silver’s Nottingham Studio and at Ubisoft Reflections, in my home town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.